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Leidel Corp. designs, builds, tests and repairs all types of plastic injection molds using the most advanced equipment and software, meeting or exceeding industry standards and tolerances. Most importantly, we meet your goals and expectations so the finished mold creates the exact product to your specifications with as little waste as possible.


 We create plastic injection molds for various industries including: Plastic Injection Molding



  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Food Packaging
  • Household Products
  • Sporting Goods
  • and many more



Custom Designed Plastic Injection Molds


Do you have a mold design ready for production? Great! Our engineers will inspect your design and then use various simulation software packages like Solid Works and Moldflow to test the parameters and tolerances before we begin production.


If you don’t have a mold design, but have concept, we can bring your ideas to invention. Our expertise lies with starting from scratch creating the mold from concept, to design, to finished part, streamlining the mold production process.


Our custom designed mold manufacturing specializes in building totally automatic, fast cycle, high-volume Unscrewing Closure Molds, Hot Runner Molds, Two-& Three-plate Cold Runner Molds, Stripper Molds, and Cam-Action Molds.


  Closure Molds


Unscrewing Closure Molds


Used to produce parts with internal or external threads, unscrewing closure molds are designed for the finished product to “unscrew” from the mold preserving the delicate threads. Our unscrewing closure molds offer you production speed and reliability.



Hot Runner Molds


Compared to a hot glue gun, molten material is injected directly into the molds individual cavities.  A Hot Runner Mold is almost always used for large volume production of thermoplastic injection molded parts, or multi-part production using multi-cavity molds or stack-molding technology. Only 100% virgin resin is used.


Hot Runner Molds produce less waste than Cold Runner Molds with no scrap left in the runners. However, Hot Runner Molds are not right for every application.



Cold Runner Molds


Similar to the Hot Runner Mold, molten material is injected into the molds individual cavities. However, the runner cools along with the mold producing scrap that needs to be re-melted. But Cold Runner Molds have greater flexibility of color and material, and can be used for short runs. We offer both two-and three-plate cold runner mold production.


Trapezoidal Runner System


Used for cold, free plate molds, our Trapezoidal Runner system effectively transfers the plastic to individual compartments without the need of the “hot glue gun injection” used with hot runner molds. A homogenous flow is created in the center of the track creating optimal conditions so the plastic fills all mold cavities.


Stripper Molds


Stripper Molds were designed for easy extraction of the finished part without the need for ejector pins. Because the stripper is the same size and shape as the entire mold core, it doesn’t grab onto any one section. This eliminates most damage to the finished product, reduces waste, and saves time and money.

  Cam Action Molds


Cam-Action Molds & Conical Cam


The goal of Cam-Action Molds is to relieve the undercuts to effectively remove the part from the mold. Split sections are created perpendicular to the way the mold opens; instead of top or bottom, it uses a side undercut that splits the cavity open for extraction. Cam-Action molds are most often used for parts that require external threads. Details on the outside of the finished part remain intact. This is great for including part numbers, words, etc.


Leidel developed a form of Cam-Action Mold called a Conical Cam. It’s a self-contained, single-staged Cam-Action tool in the shape of a cone. The process brings the two halves of the part together seamlessly with an extremely high degree of accuracy. There are no mismatches between the geometries of the two halves of the finished piece. 


CNC Milling CNC Milling Machine


In-house tooling using Four-Axis CNC milling machines for grinding, turning and contouring, plus a full-range of support equipment for center-less grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface & profile grinding, and numerous manual milling machines insures consistent high quality and fast turn-around times for your project.


All CNC equipment is fully-integrated with CAD/CAM stations so each piece is tooled precisely to design specifications.


Leidel Corp. also provides short-run machining for automotive, aircraft, boats, and manufacturing parts.






High Speed, Hard MillingHard Milling Machine

Leidel now offers High Speed, Hard milling services.
High Speed, Hard milling is one of the latest technologies in machining today. This process is accurate to within .0002” and machines tool steel that are hardened from 50 to 60 Rockwell C thus enhancing or eliminating many secondary operations such as EDMing, polishing, and grinding.
The federate of the endmills are between 45 and 98 inches per minute, with spindles speeds as high as 40,000 rpm. This machine is fully integrated with our CAD/CAM systems.
This new technology increases accuracy and repeatability while greatly reducing lead times and machining costs.




We also use Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) to tool highly accurate, complex or simple shapes and geometries within parts and assemblies. Our EDM machines are also fully-integrated with cad/cam and all electrodes are manufactured in-house to exact tolerances.



Leidel’s Precision High Quality Molds Equal Cost Savings


Your molds are tooled using high-quality materials to assure that you receive longevity and quality. EDM Machining


High-grade steel and precise manufacturing ensures each plastic injection mold we produce stands up to millions of cycles during your production process. High-quality hard metals add years of life to each mold. Softer materials, like aluminium, will warp from the stresses of manufacturing causing the mold to lose its precise shape.


Because each mold is designed and tooled to precise tolerances there is no waste from plastic escaping into the seams. This greatly reduces waste during the production process, and there is no visible seam or flashing that needs to be removed.


Less material waste and production downtime equals cost savings for your company.


Sample Steels and Metals used during Mold Manufacture:

  • 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • H13
  • S7
  • A2
  • A10
  • Vanadis-4 Powdered Metal (Strong and Durable used for gate inserts at point of injection)
  • Beryllium Copper (Used for greater control of Heat Transfer when water cooling isn’t an option)
  • Amcolloy



Interchangeable Parts 


We design our molds with a high degree of quality and durability. Each mold is built for the long haul and is guaranteed to run millions of cycles and many years before they need repair. However, when part replacement is needed, they can be found off-the-shelf. If not, we record each part’s exact specifications and can quickly build a replacement.



Proprietary In-House Quality Control System


Quality control is our highest priority. We not only live up to your expectations for a high degree of quality and accuracy, we constantly challenge our own high standards. Our quality control procedures are followed at every stage of the mold manufacturing process. From checking each setup, to testing parts as they come off the production line, through the build and prior to handing the finished mold off to the manufacturing side or shipping it out to you.  


Clean Room Capability


If you need plastic injection molds for the medical, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industries, you probably require low to no tolerance for contaminants. Leidel Corp. understands your concerns by keeping strict housekeeping practices. We use ionizing devices to reduce static electricity that can attract dust to mold parts and we also offer a clean room environment for extremely critical applications.   



More than 100 years of Injection Mold Experience


In business since 1902, Leidel Corp. provides you with generations of engineering expertise creating many standards used in the mold-making industry today. We use the most advanced equipment and software to design your mold from concept through finished part. With PentaPlastics, our wholly-owned subsidiary, we can complete your production process by using your molds and manufacturing your plastic parts and closures. 



Call us today to speak with a representative who will help you with all your mold-making needs and answer any questions you may have about our company and the injection-mold making process.