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Do you need a turnkey solution for your plastic parts? PentaPlastics is your answer.

From design through production, PentaPlastics will create your plastic parts from start to finish ready to ship wherever they’re needed. You and your project receive individual attention at every stage of production enabling the highest quality down to the smallest detail. 

Operating since 1983, PentaPlastics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidel Corp., mold-makers who’ve been engineering and manufacturing unscrewing, stripper, cam-action and knockout molds in two- or three-plate, sub-gate, insulated (hot or cold) runner and runner-less systems. 

Our highly experienced team offers you design advice, engineering of tool requirements, mold manufacture, test sampling and part production all under one roof to provide you with consistent high-quality, quick turn-around times and cost savings. Nissei FN6000

Industrys served:

  • Electrical & Electronics 
  • Automotive
  • Home Appliance
  • Construction
  • Medical   Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Sporting Goods
  • Industrial
  • Household 

Design & Engineering

Our specialty is providing you with fully-automated long-run orders for parts less than 2” in diameter, or less than 2” x 4” for rectangular items. 

We strive to solve your most complicated engineering problems using the most advanced equipment and software including Solid Works 3D modeling and Mold Flow plastic injection simulation. This also includes a highly professional team of engineers that have helped to create many standards used in the plastic injection mold-making industry today. 

This insures your molds are designed and built right the first time and the final product meets or exceeds your expectations. 

Mold Making

If you want quality parts, you need quality molds. 

Every mold is constructed using the best materials available to insure each mold will produce your parts to exact tolerances and continue to do so for millions of cycles. 

Your molds are constructed by top machinists in the industry using the most accurate and reliable CNC milling machines for grinding, turning and contouring, plus a full-range of support equipment for center-less grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface & profile grinding, and numerous manual milling machines insures consistent high quality and fast turn-around times for your project. 

Injection Molding

PentaPlastics has the capacity to meet your demands. 

Do you need short or long runs? Various frequency or order size? Our production team stands ready to meet your specific time-to-market with high-quality production that saves you planning time and production costs. You can speak with a representative today to coordinate a particular production schedule to fit your specifications. 

We operate and maintain some the best plastic injection mold machines in the industry with a capacity of 4 ounces, 83-ton up to 32 ounces, 300 ton. Each machine provides a fully automated system that enables us to mold your required component to your exact specifications, automatically separating it from the runner system, and deliver it to containers ready for shipment. 


We conduct inspections of your plastic components using various digital, mechanical and optical measuring instruments to make absolutely certain each piece is being molded correctly. 


We conduct:

  • First-Piece Inspection
  • Hourly Full-Shot Inspections

All measurements are documented and made available for your inspection and records. Our goal is to minimize your need for incoming inspections and to guarantee that every part that ships from our facility meets your specifications exactly. 

Every order that enters our plant receives personal attention as if it were our only order; from our engineers through to management, we assure your project order is molded accurately, and produced and shipped on-time. 

Contact our representatives today so we can discuss how we can meet your specific project goals producing high-quality plastic components that will save you production time and money.


Note: A complete list of facility molding machines is available upon request.