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Leidel Corporation

Leidel Corporation has been designing and producing high cavitation injection molds for the plastics industry for more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, the birth and expansion of the plastics industry allowed Leidel to adapt, grow and mature into the company it is today. Many of the standards used in the plastics injection mold industry were created and developed from Leidel’s innovation and leadership.

Over the years, Leidel Corporation has become synonymous with precision, detail, quality and durability. From a proprietary, in-house quality control system that demands rigorous testing during the design and manufacturing of each mold, through production testing to make sure each mold produces each plastic part according to exact specifications.

However, the company grew from more humble roots. In 1902 it was known as Fred Wacker, located in lower Manhattan. The company actually specialized as a stamping business for precious metals in the jewelry industry. It was around this time that William Leidel Sr. joined the business. He assumed responsibility for the company when the original owner, Fritz Wacker, died in 1915.

Through the 1920’s and 1930’s Leidel Sr. continued to build the company, expanding into the precision tooling and machining of mechanical parts for various industries.

In 1936, Leidel Sr. moved the company to Long Island City and renamed it the Wacker Company. It was also at this time that William Leidel Jr. joined the company as a partner.

During the 1940’s the plastics industry began to grow and take shape. It was at this time that the plastic mold making industry began to expand, and the focus of the Wacker Company began to change. Because of the company’s expertise in machining, it was called on to produce parts related to the plastic injection mold industry. It was only logical that Leidel add plastic mold design and manufacturing to the services offered.

William Leidel Jr. took over the company when his father retired in 1953. In 1956, the company was incorporated under the name of Leidel Corporation to better reflect the future of the company as a family-run business and its new commitment to the plastic injection mold industry and their customers.

In the 1960’s, Leidel Jr.’s three oldest sons, William, Warren and Roger, joined the business. In 1965 the company moved to its present location in Farmingdale, New York on Long Island.

In the 1970’s Leidel expanded their mold making to encompass the entire packaging and related closures for numerous fields and industries including medical, pharmaceutical, drafting, cosmetic, and electrical products. By this time Leidel had built a reputation for being a specialist in designing and building high quality auto-unscrewing molds for closures.

In the mid 1970’s through 1980 Leidel began molding operations under the registered name of PentaPlastics, a subsidiary division. The company had already been producing plastic parts on a small scale for mold testing purposes.

PentaPlastics started with three small molding presses. In 1986 a 292 ton press was purchased and primary used to test newly built molds before shipping them to the customer. By 1996 the molding operation had grown to 7 molding machines producing small production runs, mostly for their mold making customers.

In 2004 Leidel started investing into universal high volume mold bases with customer bought components. In December 2004 Leidel leased an 8,000 sqf building in Bohemia, NY. This brought the total manufacturing space to 22,000 sqf. The Bohemia facility was used as a warehouse to stock inventory and free up manufacturing space in Farmingdale.

In 2005, Leidel purchased five new 200 ton molding machines after securing several high volume products for the Hotel amenities market. These products required designing and building high cavitation, automatic flip top molds.  Four of the older presses were brought to the Bohemia facility and set up for production. The production revenue from these presses offset the cost of the Bohemia facility.

In 2006 Leidel was awarded another large, high volume flip top mold. A new 300 ton press was purchased for production and the mold was designed and built by Leidel. They own 16 total presses today.

In 2014 Leidel moved operations to a larger facility in Bohemia, NY.

Our goal for the future is to embrace our reputation as a precision mold builder and high volume molder for our many satisfied customers. Even though in recent years we’ve been under pressure from low-cost overseas suppliers, our commitment to quality, engineering expertise and management style has enabled us to adapt while continuing to offer our customers competitive pricing and solid growth.