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Bohemia, NY 11716
T: (631) 694-7797   F: (631) 694-7876

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Leidel Corporation specializes in plastic injection mold making with over 50 years experience tooling high quality, high endurance molds.

We conceive, design, build, and test every mold so it meets the exact tolerances and specifications you require. If you have a mold already designed, we’ll still run it by our engineers to make certain we produce the best possible plastic injection mold manufactured for your company.

Our high quality molds are constructed using the highest-grade materials. This increases mold longevity and avoids material waste from molds that lose their tolerances during the production process.

Our machinists have designed and developed some of the most intricate and creative plastic injection molds in the industry.

We strictly adhere to high-grade steel for the plastic injection mold industry. We don’t use soft metals like aluminum and we don’t build molds for any crafts like chocolate or ceramics.

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Do you need a mold designed from scratch? Do you have a design but need it built, tested and approved for manufacture and production? We can help you at any stage of the process. Our sales staff is not only knowledgeable about the plastic injection mold industry, they’re engineers with experience at every phase of the production process. They will quickly and factually answer your questions and help you determine exactly what you need to get started.

If you need excellent turn-around times, high quality control, durable molds that will last thousands of cycles without needing repairs and minimal waste, give us a call!